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foodservice equipment & suppies

Cleaning and Facility

Find the right dishwashing and cleaning equipment to maintain hygiene and cleanliness standards in your foodservice operation. We carry commercial-grade dishwashers, sink systems, cleaning supplies, and janitorial carts.

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Storage & Transportation

Keep food safe, organized, and easily accessible with our wide selection of food storage containers, insulated food carriers, and shelving units. You’ll find different sizes, materials, and designs to suit the needs of your foodservice business.

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Dining Room & Bar

Create a pleasant dining experience for customers with our selection of tableware, glassware, flatware, seating options, and decorative items, available in various styles, colors, and materials to suit different restaurant themes and budgets.

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Food Prep & Smallwares

We carry the equipment and tools needed to prepare food efficiently and consistently to meet customer demand. These include knives, cutting boards, mixers, and slicers, to not only save time but also maintain consistency in food quality.

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Refrigeration & Ice

At WRE, you’ll find a range of refrigeration units in various sizes and configurations, including undercounter, reach-in, and walk-in models, that are equipped with features like self-cleaning cycles and energy-saving modes.

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Cooking Equipment

We carry a wide variety of appliances designed specifically for high-volume cooking and food preparation. These range from heavy-duty ranges, ovens, and fryers to specialized equipment like griddles, and charbroilers.

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